Welcome to World of Aquaristics / world of aquariums !!!

Welcome to world of aquaristics / world of aquariums!!!

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If videos from classified ads cannot be played, then simply try using a different internet browser than firefox, then it should work. I'm looking for a solution.

Too much offspring? Aquarium in the basement? Or just a breeder who wants to have a wider range for his offer? Then place your offer now for free, from the aquarium to the ornamental fish. By the way, manufacturers and traders can also advertise with me. Watch the second video. The first for registration. 

Get started with as many free classifieds as you want, even without registration. You can upload pictures and / or videos to make your ad more interesting. Remember, the longer the video, the longer it takes to upload. It is best to stay under 10 seconds. 

However, if you decide to register, you have the advantage of managing your ads conveniently via "Meine Anzeigen". If you always want to be up to date with promotions or new classified ads, just subscribe to the newsletter. By the way, new classified ads are also announced via newsletter. If you no longer like it, you can unsubscribe at any time. 

What world of aquarium stands for? 


Commercial and manufacturers do not pay any fees or sales commissions here either. I also distribute the advertisements free of charge. 


Cosmopolitan for everything related to aquaristics! What you can expect from me in one sentence: I advertise every classified ad for free, I always organize great competitions and I always try to improve. 


Thomas is the contact person for the site and always available for constructive criticism. Good suggestions that result from this will be implemented if possible. 


This is all about aquaristics. It should be a contact point for everyone who is enthusiastic about aquaristics. Also tell other enthusiasts about this site. 

Do you like the site? Then let others know. You can find me on Google, Facebook and Twitter.

If you want to support me, you can do so easily and simply by clicking on an advertising banner 😉 THANKS! 

If there are any questions or suggestions about my offer, then just write. I will take care of it as soon as possible. 

Now I wish you lots of fun and success! 

Yours Thomas from the world of aquaristics

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